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Reiki, the universal energy at your fingertips - Product reviews, opinions and more | Kirsty Marks
10th Nov 2018 | By KirstyMarks

Reiki, the universal energy at your fingertips

Reiki is such a mind blowing experience, and having experienced this myself over 2 years ago, i haven’t looked back. Isn’t owning the power to create change with your hands an amazing feeling? I know it is a bit of a mind blower, but its something that i use every day.

I picked Melissa from Natural Healing as my source for my training, and her Reiki course is excellent.  It’s easy to follow, and her whole approach is warm and fuzzy. A bit like me :D. Picking a Reiki Master for your attunements is a personal one, so make sure you do your research.

Just what is Reiki?

Reiki or Qi, is the universal energy that surrounds us and most importantly it is available to everyone. Because of this, it makes it an absolute tool for you spiritual folk, or people who are wanting to expand their spiritual toolbox. Having several interests such as hypnosis, ghost hunting, and tarot in my world, it made sense. Perfect sense to add this to my ever growing list (or my extensive hobby loves).

I just LOVE the glow of my palms during my reiki sessions, whether it be distance or in person. A warm tingle of the hands, makes everything seem magical and whimsical. I was a bit dubious about it in previous years. After all, not having the knowledge what i have now is a dangerous thing.

I would recommend anyone whos on the look out to experience this to note a few things.

  • Who did they train with
  • Insurance
  • Reviews or word of mouth
  • CONNECTION!! (you have to have this, its paramount)

My first Reiki distance session was amazing….

Before i get started on the session, and what happened, let’s rewind. Back when i started it that is. A quiet space, a time of contemplation. I always start with a deep meditation, just to clear my mind, clear my thoughts, quietening the mind, and setting the attention. Setting the intention of my session is key, as obviously we have to know what we are doing. Who are we doing it for, who was i doing it for?

Because i had already done my own self reiki a few days previous, the session and the intent was already there. I knew what i needed to do because i had done it previously. I knew in my heart that because i was asking the universe to send out my love, sending the energy was easy. It was effortless, it flowed. It was simply magical.

I was a distance attunement, so visualising the person isn’t easy at first, and it has taken me a while to do this. I do find that it is coming more and more naturally as i’ve practiced. If you’re just starting out, don’t PANIC. Practice practice, it is key!!

Embracing Reiki was so amazing, and i highly recommend anyone who has an interest in the spiritual world to try it, and if you are ready to take the next step then train. You won’t look back.

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