10th Nov 2018 | By KirstyMarks

Getting yourself Winter ready!

I’m getting myself Winter ready already, after all, its mid November. The cold snap as you know has already started. I’ve been raiding the wardrobe for my long woolen jumpers and coats, and I feel like i’m pretty much prepared for anything. I found my mustard jumper out from Primark recently, and the trusty beanie has surfaced.

My skincare choices this Winter are rapidly growing!

Because of the cold, im finding it hard to keep the skin refreshed, so my go to is Doves moisturiser. It’s soft and silky on the skin, and leaves it nourished. I also love Ro’s Argan from Lush for my soap go to. This beautiful smelling soap, leaves your skin feeling soft, and smelling like turkish delight! Allow the product to nourish your skin during a hot bath, or in a steaming shower. The shower gel is rather nice as well to be honest.

I’m hoping its going to get a little warmer, but here’s to hoping. Reading the forecast, its not going to improve. Heat the home well, and have an abundance of Yorkshire tea in.

I will be sharing my thoughts over the next few weeks. I have a few things i wish to write about, including the fact this post is lacking. But being brand new to blogging, i’m sure i will get it off the ground in due course.